Feast of Fools Radio Podcast
This is the 2nd time I've been on the show with Marc & Fausto and I had a GREAT time, yet again! We talked about my upcoming album, politics, sex, drugs and rock and roll. :) I performed three songs from my new album as well.

A video of the new song Clever Compromise will be posted there soon, too...



- July 2008

Janis, Jodie, Jen -Angie Gallop
Feature article on the front page of the Entertainment section - read here

Personal Note from Jen: This is probably the best press I've ever had. Plus, she makes me sound like a complete angel...which of course I am! ha ha :)


Soo Today - July 2008
Press Release/Article from Choco Productions


Chi-Tunes Featured Artist - May 2008
Featured Article written by Jennifer Wagner- Check it out


- March 2008
New interview with Rocco on New Music Binge - take a listen!


- Jen Porter Review on - February 2008


- February 2008
Check out the Jen Porter interview footage available from Stonecutter Records - check it out!


Anguilla News - January 2008
Write-up while Jen was playing on the neighboring island of St. Maarten


- January 2008
Jen spent the entire month of January entertaining at Soprano's Piano Bar on the island of St. Maarten. Check out her journal and photos!


"Get Out" nominated for Best of the Midwest 2007 - November 2007
Jen's music video, "Get Out" was featured in the Midwest Independent Film Festival on June 5th, 2007. posted on,, and more. Now, the video has been nominated for a Best of the Midwest Film Award, Music Video Category. Congratulations to Rocco Cataldo, the fearless director of the video, and all the cast & crew! The awards ceremony will be held on December 4th, 2007. GOOD LUCK, JEN!

Click here to see pictures and Click here to see the actual video


- November 2007

Video footage of Jen & the Fab Trio @ Underground Wonder Bar's 18th Anniversary Party


Acoustic Chicago Compilation- Release Date: November 20, 2007
I've been working on a new track with producer, Chris Steinmetz of Stonecutter Records and Chicago Recording Company. You can check out footage from the DVD/CD compilation, plus come see us perform @ Joe's on Weed, Wednesday, November 21st.
Featuring many great Chicago artists including Marty Casey & Lovehammers, Andreas Kapsalis, Howard Levy, Micki Croisant, Sarah Potenza, Malcolm Palmer, Tim Nagle, Noah Gabriel, Scottish McMillan, Mike Mangione & Shannon Fortune.

Click here to see Jen's recording footage


CenterStage Chicago - October 2007
Article written by Nola Akiwowo


Kevin McDonald Presents - September 2007
I was asked to be a guest on Kevin McDonald Presents, a weekly radio show being broadcast on KKNW 1150 AM Seattle. We had a blast talking about music, the music industry, and lots more. The podcast is FREE so go check it out!



National Anthem for Sox v. Cubs Crosstown Classic - June 2007
While I wasn't able to obtain the actual broadcast footage, this is the video from US Cellular Field singing our National Anthem. This performance was my first major league performance to be nationally broadcast and the only thing missing is the WGN logo in the corner and commentators blabbing at the end of the song...or maybe they said something nice! I don't know...I forgot to set my DVR!

At the end of the 2007 season, I was also given a personalized Sox jersey, which I will wear at every performance at US Cellular Field in the future. I was also told I was the new regular for Anthems and that I sang more Anthems in the 2007 season than every other Anthem singer, except one. Woo hoo!

Jen has performed the Star Spangled Banner for several major league teams, including the Detroit Pistons, the Chicago Fire, the Chicago Cubs & the Chicago White Sox.



Still Singing After All These Years - 200,000 strong - June 2007
I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with some amazing performers, like The Chantels, Michelle Shocked, Julia Nixon, Katy Benko, Melinda Caroll, Sunny Sumter & Teresa.

I had the even greater honor of singing with The Washington Mystics WNBA team, Patricia Shih, Harolyn Blackwell & Kathleen Herles, the voice of Dora the Explorer!! We sang together on the National Mall in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC with over 200,000 Girl Scouts!! Thanks to all who made this unprecedented event come together!

Click here to see pictures

Click here to read my journal entry


"Get Out" featured in Midwest Film Festival - June 2007
Jen's music video, "Get Out" was featured in the Midwest Independent Film Festival on June 5th, 2007. posted on,, and more.

Click here to see pictures and Click here to see the actual video


Review of "Moving On..." -
Moving On, the third album from Chicago-based artist Jen Porter, showcases the singer's sultry, gutsy voice and ability to seamlessly blend rock and roll, blues and country-folk influences into a contemporary sound. Featuring a solid backing band, this collection of songs is polished, down-to-earth, and full of energy, the perfect soundtrack to a dinner party with friends or a night out on the town. Residents of Chicago can easily catch a live performance, as the hard-working Porter plays four to five shows a week around her hometown; for the rest of us, Moving On brings Porter's powerful vocals right to our living rooms.

The album gets started with "Along the Way", a pop-tinged blues anthem that quickly sets the stage for Porter's no-holds-barred vocals and fine piano work. "Get Out", a driving ode to a former lover, calls to mind the intensity of Fiona Apple combined with the self-sufficient attitude of Alanis Morissette. Other tracks, such as "Aaron's Song" and "Brotherly Love" are softer both musically and lyrically, highlighting Porter's diverse talents as a singer-songwriter. Throughout the album, Porter's technical skill is apparent.

One of the strongest points of Moving On is its blues rock and country roots that sustain and clearly influence Porter's music. The song "Gracie" has a great classic-rock feel with piano work reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama". The vocal styling of "Heaven to Me" evokes some of Bonnie Raitt's best work.

Jen Porter is clearly a seasoned and talented performer; Moving On adds another successful album to her already impressive resume. Judging by the rousing quality of this album, I'm sure Porter's live performances are soulful and energetic. Those with the opportunity to see her in Chicago should definitely do so; those not lucky enough to live in the windy city will be sure to put this album in regular rotation on their stereos.


Review of "Moving On..." - Women'
Moving On, Chicago-based Jen Porter’s third cd and 2006 release, expertly exhibits her playful, cocky, and fully-rounded voice. From the very first title, Along the Way, you’ll be ready to pack your bags and travel a little further down this gutsy road with Porter. Aaron’s Song, puts perspective on our human and political trials today and is of a deeper mood, offering powerful incentive for further contemplation. “Oh say can you see, what we’re meant to be . . . together we can fly.” Performing vocals, guitar and piano, Porter flows a little softer on this cd, showing us yet another side of her talents without losing any of that blusey-feminine power.


Music Video Shoot for "Get Out" - February 2007
Director Rocco Cataldo has shot a video for "Get Out". The shoot was February 11th. The video will be posted on,, and more. Click here to see pictures

You can check out the actual video here:


December 2006
Interview on Click here to read the blog on MySpace!


Featured @!December 2006 Top 25 Artists of 2006
I placed #8 - check it out!


November 2006
BEHIV to receive proceeds from 2006 Christmas CD
I've been selling this Christmas CD for 3 years now. Last year, I donated $450 to the American Red Cross. This year, BEHIV is my charity of choice. Feel free to check out this CD, listen to a track, and purchase it for only $5 here

PRESS RELEASE - January 2007
Chicago musician, Jen Porter, Donates $645 to local charity, BEHIV

Chicago , IL– Local musician, Jen Porter has donated a whopping $645.00 to a local non-profit organization called BEHIV-“Better Existence with HIV”. How does a “starving artist” come up with that kind of money to donate to charity? This artist recorded her own Christmas CD and sells it each year for $5.00. She generously donates all – not a portion – of the proceeds to the charity of her choice. This year, Jen sold 130 CDs and the benefactor is a charity she’s worked with in the past: BEHIV-“Better Existence with HIV”.

“I’m a capitalist,” says Jen. “I really like the simple act of providing goods and services and being compensated for them. I also enjoy that the “goods” are my CDs, T-shirts, etcetera, and that the “services” are entertaining people. I truly love my work and I love to share it with others.

But from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I sell these CDs that I recorded myself, in my measly home studio, and sell them for five bucks. It’s only seven Christmas songs, and it’s just me playing the piano and singing, so it was simple to record. I take all of the money and donate it, even though it costs me a little bit to copy and package the disc. I just decided this was going to be my good deed for the year, every year. Its three years running and I want to keep adding one song per year so that even if you bought it last year, you’ll buy it again, for charity, year after year.”

Last year, Jen donated $450.00 to the American Red Cross, with recognition from the Red Cross for such a generous donation. Two years ago, Jen donated $150.00 to a special Tsunami Relief Fund through the Red Cross as well. This year, Jen decided to donate the proceeds to an organization doing great work here in Chicago .

BEHIV is a non-profit organization based in Evanston , IL . “BEHIV’s guiding vision is to STOP the spread of HIV throughout our service area. Everything we do is towards this end.”

“I think I get it from my parents,” quips Jen. “That sense of wanting to help people, I mean. Mom’s a nurse and Dad’s a minister. Both jobs require so much giving of ones’ self – I remember volunteering at the hospital when I was 14 and we’d had a huge snow storm and the power was out. The hospital was on generators and I went to work with my Mom because school was closed and I passed out food trays to patients and generally helped the staff. I also remember going out with my Dad to distribute baskets of food around the holidays to needy families in our community. Sometimes the day we’d distribute would be my birthday – it’s December 21 st – but we’d go and help others whenever we could.

I volunteered for the Red Cross at the Big House – Michigan Stadium – as a first aid responder. There’s over a hundred thousand people in that stadium. Someone’s going to have heat stroke, someone’s going to have a heart attack, someone’s going to get a bee sting and have an allergic reaction. We were the first responders to those emergencies. I’ve always loved medicine – it’s my second calling. So when I found out about BEHIV, I jumped at the chance to work for them. I’ve got several friends who are HIV positive. While it’s not a death sentence, merely a chronic condition, the medications are grossly expensive. Also, education and programs to test throughout the community are and will always be needed. BEHIV has such a great program and they’ve got great people working for them. I’m lucky to count myself as one of them.”

Jen Porter is an artist who is truly giving back to a community that supports her.

CDs are still available for purchase on BEHIV’s website:


September 2006
Stone Magazine
"Porter is wowing audiences across the Midwest with her deep lyrics and soulful voice."
The interview is not posted online, BUT you can download this PDF and check it out! The magazine has debuted in 15 countries worldwide - I'm very proud to be part of the first issue! If you'd like to check out the entire issue, head to to link above


September 2006
Windy City Queercast
This podcast interview is FREE to download, so go check out my on-air radio intervew!


June 2006
Fearless Radio
Interview & On-Air Appearance
Tuesday, June 13th, 4:00p-6:00p
I had a great time again being in the studio and on the air with Fearless Radio. Thanks to Rocco, Kris & Patrick for all of their support!! Check out the


February 2006

Chicago musician, Jen Porter, to collaborate with Producer/Drummer Ed Toth, on new album

Chicago , IL–  Professional local musician, Jen Porter, is back in the studio recording her third studio album, entitled “Moving On... ” and scheduled for release in June of 2006. This will be her third independent release, though it's the first time there are some heavyweights in her corner, namely Ed Toth. Ed, former drummer for Vertical Horizon and currently one of two drummers touring with The Doobie Brothers, will be producing and playing drums on Moving On... .

“I’m really excited about working with someone who has a stake in today’s music but also appreciates the past, especially the Doobies!” exclaims Jen.
“Seriously, I am both humbled and thrilled to be working with Ed & Steve”, says Jen, referring to Steve Cook, who will be playing bass on the album. Steve most notably worked with King Konga, who had a top 100 hit in 2001 with “Something Good”. Steve has also worked with Hootie and The Blowfish, Sister Hazel and Edwin McCain, to name a few.

Jen and the band are recording Moving On... at Farm Fresh Studios in Bloomington, Indiana. The album is scheduled for release in June of 2006 through JJP Productions.


January 2006 Press Release - Chicago musician, Jen Porter, Donates $450 to American Red Cross

Chicago , IL– Local musician, Jen Porter has donated $450.00 to the American Red Cross. How does a “starving artist” come up with that kind of money to donate to charity? This artist recorded her own Christmas CD and sells it each year for $5.00. All, not some, of the proceeds go directly to the charity of her choice. This year, Jen sold 90 CDs and the lucky benefactor is the American Red Cross.

“It feels good to do something for others, especially around the holidays,” says Jen. “All year I take people’s money for entertaining them. I make them laugh or cry or just stop and appreciate something beautiful. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I sell these CDs that I made myself, in my home recording studio, and sell them for five bucks. It’s only six tunes, and it’s just me playing the piano and singing, so it was simple to record. I take all of the money and donate it, even though it costs me a little bit to copy and package the disc. I just decided this was going to be my good deed for the year, every year.”

Last year, Jen donated $150.00 to a special Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund. The Red Cross recognized Jen for her generous donation.

“I imagine I’ll get even more recognition this year, though that’s not why I do it. I do it because I innately want to help people. The Red Cross is there for people affected by national disasters, but also for a family on the south side who has lost their home to a fire and has nowhere to go. I used to volunteer for the Red Cross myself so I know that my money is going to a good cause.”

Regardless of the recognition, Jen Porter is an artist who truly gives back to a community that supports her.


Mcoul's Public House
St. Patrick's Day Street Festival - 2005 Opened for LifeHouse
Sponsored by 98.7 The Zone

2004 proceeds from "Jen Plays A Little Christmas Music" have been donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief in Southeast Asia
($150 donated - Click the link above to make a donation)

Featured Artist on

Thanks for the great honor!


Voted Best Local Musician-2003
by readers of the Chicago Free Press

Renowned Chicago musician "Jen Porter" to become part of Pioneering International Music Compilation to Help Benefit Breakthrough Breast Cancer in London, England, and to Breakthrough Independent Musical talent from around the World

Chicago, IL- Local musician, Jen Porter just confirmed she is to be included on the groundbreaking International Music Compilation "The Greatest Music You've Never Heard" Volume 1., to help benefit Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research in London, England.

The process of elimination was pain staking for the Producers at Mosquito Media in London, England. There were hundreds of Independent artists and bands that sent their music in the hope of being involved in the project. Jen's song "Dance of Time", taken from her 2002 release entitled "It's About Time" will be featured as one of the tracks on the album.

Seventeen phenomenal artists have finally made the album, with just 4 making it from the United States. The best of the best Independent bands and artists from all over the world were chosen on talent, lyrics and music and regardless of age, sex, race, creed, color, size or appearance.

Kicking sand into the eyes of the American Idol philosophy the release of "The Greatest Music You've Never Heard" Volume 1., is set to revolutionize the way independent artists break into the "business", and is exactly the backlash musicians and audiences around the world have been waiting for. Simon Cowell, et al, watch out!!

"The Greatest Music You've Never Heard" Volume 1., will be released in England, Europe and the United States, becoming an International tribute to Independent artists. Jen Porter feels that when there is a need for causes such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research the music and imagery of musicians brings people together to find a way to help raise money and help bring awareness to needy causes. Jen feels honored to be part of this project and is delighted to be helping to raise money for such a needed cause. The CD will be released in the UK on May 18th through an extensive campaign on UK National Radio stations, Television and print media by Mosquito Media followed by showcase parties at the Cobden Club in Notting Hill, and Cargo in Shoreditch, London.


REVIEW of It's About Time on Women' "She is potent and brawny"
May 2004

INTERVIEW with Siren Song Magazine.
February 2004

INTERVIEW with Voices & Visions.
February 2004


CD REVIEW of It's About Time from written by Joseph Filipak. Click here to read the full review on their site.
December 2003


I first saw Jen Porter a few months back, during a Singer Spotlight showcase at Fitzgerald's, and I was impressed. So when I received the CD for review, I was excited to sit down and listen to it.

Track two, "How it Feels," has a great bar Blues feel to it and Porter does bring something to it that makes the vocal her own. Before you think that it's all about the voice, let me say that Porter is a very fine writer, there is no question that she can craft a fine song. Tracks like "Shakespearean Tragedy" and "Tonight" offer more of an original sound, as did my favorite track "Your Child." With its haunting melody and lilting vocals, I was caught up in playing "Your Child" over and over again.


CD REVIEW of It's About Time from Click here to read the review on their site. October 2003

Jen Porter's piano-driven, bluesy rock has a very distinctive 70's art-prog sound. This is partly owed to the flute accompaniment on "How It Feels," which always reminds me of Jethro Tull. Jen has a true Janis Joplin feel to her deep, soulful, very rocking voice; but you will also hear qualities of both Natalie Merchant and Tori Amos in her phrasing. "How It Feels" has a jazz swing to the beat because of her drummer's time keeping on his hi-hat, and that adds a nice texture to this very appealing performance of a perfectly arranged song. And how can you find any fault with a woman who apparently held a crowd of 40,000 Detroit Pistons fans in rapt awe as she performed an acapella version of the National Anthem? She definitely has a voice with commercial appeal and a great band. Her songs may be a bit too good for the radio (i.e. too complex), but with more mainstream material (maybe working the Norah Jones vein) there's no reason she couldn't be huge.

Another Day from Jen's latest release It's About Time has been sought out for use in a new television show brought to you by the people behind the smash hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Scout Productions. Stay tuned for more information as this project moves forward!


Jen Porter showcases at Smith's Olde Bar for Atlantis Music Conference
in Atlanta, GA
August 2003

I had a GREAT TIME at Atlantis! I met two WONDERFUL new girlfriends: Kyler England and Nicole McKenna. I really enjoyed both of their sets and both of their albums. GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!


New Radio Interview - Struzzin Backstage with Jay Idol of, June 2003

CD Review of It's About Time by Mark Lush, (June 2003)
Quote: "I think that any recorded noise blended with Jen's vocals would come off sounding incredible!"

Click here to read a well-written in-depth review of It's About Time by Ashley Chappell on (April 2003)
Quote: "Her firm and soulful voice impassions the daily routine that sometimes seems to trap us."

Click here to read a review of It's About Time by Gregg Shapiro in Windy City Times March 5, 2003

Click here for a Review of the Chicago Singer Spotlight 2-Year Anniversary Show at Fitgerald's January 8, 2003
"Jen Porter, who plays a very nice piano and has a beautiful voice to match, took me in and held me throughout her four song set. Two of the songs were original, "Another Day" and Tonight." My first thought was that she has kind of a Vanessa Carlton vibe going on, but as she played her set she seemed a little too far ahead for that. Porter has the pop sensibilities of Carlton, but she's all grown up, and without a doubt an artist to keep your eye on. Jen Porter has that something that will take her to that somewhere."

by Joseph Filipak,

If YOU would like to be a part of the Chicago Singer Spotlight, click the link! Go to the Photo Page to see photos from the show by Dan Locke.

My newest endeavor...electronic music! I went to Minneapolis and sang with my good friend DJ Corey Valentine. (Click on the link to see his catalog on CDBaby) We TORE IT UP that night in January '03...and we're releasing a double disc to prove it! That's right: There will be a double disc of Jen Porter and Corey Valentine entitled "Live at Starlite Lounge".

UPDATE - June '03: Disc One of Live at Starlite Lounge is almost ready for sale! Stay tuned to the Discography Page to hear sample tracks and buy the album when it's completed!

Jen Porter competes in Battle of the Bands
Jen competed in her first Battle of the Bands on October 1, 2002. She gave a stellar performance and garnered much respect and many new fans from her appearance on this widely-viewed morning news program.

From the WGN Feedback page: "I watch the morning news everyday. I was excited about this round of battle of the bands. You finally had a girl on who totally rocked. (Jen Porter) Too bad that a woman didn't take the honor's of winning. Submitted by: Mike

Thanks, Mike!! Maybe next year...


Cincinatti, OH September 2002
Thanks to everyone who was there, including my newest musical friends The Katie Todd Band and Ellen Cherry. GET THEIR CDS!


Click on a link below to read past articles about Jen.
Interview and in-studio appearance on Windy City Radio, WCKG 105.9 Sunday, December 22nd, 2002 and Sunday, August 4th-11:30pm. Listen to the Show Archive here!

Did you see me on the Nightspots float in 2002? I made it onto WFLD Fox-Chicago's newscast as well!

June 2002 CD Review of Faces on

June 2002 Interview appearing in Nightspots Magazine:
Girl Scout Goodie or Cookie Pushin' Bad Girl?...You Decide!

Washington DC gig for a crowd of over 120,000 June 8th, 2002
Read the Press Release for the event
Read Jen's Account of the event

June 2002 CD Review of The Jen Porter Project from Red Is All The
Quote: "It is hard to pinpoint Porter's influences, although one has a feeling that if Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks played piano the resulting sound would be similar to that of Jen Porter's."

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK for the week of May 20, 2002 on
Jen Porter of Chicago, IL, is a talented and dedicated performer. She sings smoothly, seductively, delivering wonderful musical intonation and creativity among musical genres in her original songs, all the while with vocal clarity that is Tide clean and Evian clear. She is performing at the piano bars and public venues, and she is ideal for corporate and private events.

CD Review on (site no longer active)

Read a November 2001 Interview from

May 2001 Show Review from HotSpots Chicago Magazine

Jen's Journal - Read Jen's thoughts on her performance experiences, writing, and more!


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